I am India.

என் பெயர் இந்தியா.

A literary profile of the proposed book.

 “I am India” is the latest work of Parinaman, published by new century book house Chennai in December 2011.

This is a collection of poems on an epic theme – “India “ . These poems scan the countless realms of India – Ancient and modern, cultural and spiritual, political and social, technological, urban and rural, castes and classes, fundamental and secular, conservative and liberal, rich and poor, powerful and humble, frustration and aspiration, pain and joy, real and the ideal, and so on and so forth.

“I am india” is in fact, poems weaved in to a great floral garland. Each poem is a separate, unique flower of colour and fragrance. The silver thread knotting together the separate flowers is the millenia-old theme of Bharath India .

While the varied forms and colours of the flowers, that are, the poems, symbolize the diversity of india, the essential beauty and fragrance of the garland symbolize the epic theme of I am india- the spirit of India over the ages –“Growing in unity and diversity”

“I am India” is a powerful poetic expression of the urge to transform the real into ideal.

A commendable work , indeed, among the contemporary poetic explorations in Tamil.